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Ok it has been forever since i have posted a journal.

So i now have a blog! it is
It is new. As am i when it comes to blogs. Please give me constructive criticism!

Okay on the donations thing i am going to kill her when i see her. She has convinced me to leave it up to see what the response is. Sadly everything she said is true... the cruel halfling... this is the third time she has done this! im sorry everyone.
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I think GW needs to release some new kits that are more a good round unit not those 14 or 16 kits but 5, 10, 15, 20 etc... and i think Warhammer needs a Human army that doesnt focus on cavalry like Bretonia and The Empire... and i know 40K needs to have a Titan Plastic Kit too complete its apocalypse Warmachine/legendary units group... Rant done... feel free to comment on what you think...
Finally got a scanner but cant get any worth while scans & cant find most of my finished work... & what is with everyone designing Gundams? I mean really don't you think there aught to be more grunt mecha than Gundams?

Note: There is nothing wrong with making gundams but at least make some grunt mecha please!?
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Finally got my forum up & running had to go through a forum service.

& hopefully soon i will be able to post some of my own pieces on DA.